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At IU, we have developed the largest, integrated, global degree portfolio that promotes future skills in a stackable fashion. We decided to make this portfolio available for educators around the world to promote our vision more broadly.

With over 20 years of experience in education, over 75.000 students and a recommendation rate of 97%, we’re committed to delivering job-relevant courses and degrees to the global community.

We help education providers, institutions, and organisations kick-start and expand their field of study areas and training programmes through our ready-to-run degree and online certificate courses. With over 350 courses and 100,000 learning hours, our online programmes are designed with the highest teaching standards and require minimal operational effort to set up and run.


    We are firm advocators of high quality education at an affordable price. As such, all our courses are flexible and scalable with an inexpensive setup costs.


    Student satisfaction and utilizing digital technologies are our top priority. We provide students with ongoing support in their studies, and we use AI-enabled tools to help students learn faster and better. All our courses can be viewed on any device.


    Our courses are designed with student employability in mind. We continuously aim to deliver relevant and job-ready skills using a mix of video and audio lectures, assessments, and gamification in our modules.

How we can support you

We offer online certificates (Nano Degrees and Diplomas) which are set up to "stack” ECTS credits towards a degree completion with focus on high-demanded job skills such as cyber security, artificial intelligence, data science and management courses. Other courses from partner universities or other institutions can be accredited and integrated.

Enroll your participants and students right away without incurring setup investments and high-risk partnerships through existing high-quality IU content and valuable additional offerings to broaden your online learning capabilities and develop additional revenue opportunities.


We provide accredited degree programmes that are fully online to help students study at their convenience. Our digital, user-friendly learning materials and online support services give students the experience they need with an added flexibility to adjust the courses to their schedules.


In 50 - 150 learning hours per course, our students acquire high-demand job skills. Our short courses are functionally set up to "stack" to a degree and can also be accredited and integrated with courses from other partner universities and institutions.


We are proud to offer students flexibility in their studies with our combined “Online/On Campus” study model. Programmes with this flexible option allows students to choose where they’d like to spend their semester.


We have coordinated many of our study programmes with the London South Bank University (LSBU) so that students have the opportunity to acquire a British degree in addition to our German degree.

Does our course portfolio not match your needs?

No problem! Since all our courses are online, they can be customized. 

We tailor our courses to your requirements, so they deliver the most value to your students.

What learning looks like at IU

In our 15-minute learning units, our expert professors teach content with clear explanations and show practical examples. Through numerous practical transfer tasks and examples from everyday tasks of company life, our students can benefit directly from what they have learned and bring it into their professional futures or current careers.

If you are interested in testing the app, please contact us by mail and we will be happy to help.

Why choose us


    We are the largest accredited German university with over 75000 students in our programme. We are also the first German university to be awarded a QS 5 Star rating for online studies.


    All our courses can be conducted and assessed fully online or through a blended approach. They can also be included as additions to enrich current study or training programmes.


    Students can study our modules courses anywhere and at any time. We use AI tools to deliver that are 100% online, flexible and suitable on any device.


    Our modular learning approach and on-demand student support provides an optimal learning experience for students. Because of this, we have proudly recorded a 90% student recommendation rate and an NPS score of +60%.


    IU has a global network of 1000 professors and more than10.000 employee partnerships. We leverage these networks to deliver strong support to our students in their learning experience.


    Our courses are accredited by well-known accreditation bodies such as the German Council of Science and Humanities. We have also topped the field of ‘Business Administration’ in the CHE University Ranking, winning 6 out of 25 categories in the year 2020-2022.

Our partners

From big international universities to small local colleges, we’ve helped many higher education institutions reach their goals.

Our courses were successfully implemented in countries all over the world, creating a global network of skilled students.

Selected Partners

  • Gururo is the growing industry leader in practical courses across various streams, helping people acquire the skills they need to thrive in leadership positions. They partner with universities, organisations, and individuals to address their unique needs, providing training and coaching that helps working professionals achieve their career goals.

  • upGrad is South Asia´s largest online higher edtech company offering 100+ courses in collaboration with top-notch global universities like Duke Corporate Education (US), Michigan State University (US), IIM Kozhikode (India), and others. Founded in 2015, the international edtech leader has impacted over1 million total registered learners from over 50+ countries across the world.

  • IU is now an Institutional Member of the United States Distance Learning Association! Established in 1987 in Washington DC, the USDLA was the first of its kind to support distance learning research, development and praxis across all areas of education, training and communications. It offers a huge amount of distance learning-related information in order to benefit both institutions and the general public.

  • Global Pathways College (GPC) is part of the multinational Knowledgucate Group of Institutions. Knowledgucate owns and operates a chain of playschools, K-12 schools, Pre University Colleges, Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree colleges. It also owns and operates educational institutions in the UAE and the United Kingdom as well as offering programmes in the Online space.

  • Jaro Education is the leading Ed-Tech company and a pioneer in the executive education space, with more than 2,50,000 alumni. Jaro Education has partnered with various Top B-Schools, Universities and Premium Institutions, Corporates - nationally as well as internationally and has received multiple national-level awards for its exceptional contribution to education.

  • „For 20 years now, we have been carrying out a dual degree with Bad Honnef (IU). All these years at Haaga-Helia we have been positively surprised and happy about the high quality of students coming from Bad Honnef. They are always among the best in their class and show a sign of young professionalism and entrepreneurial attitude in their studies.“

    Ari Björkqvist, Head of Education Export

  • It is true pleasure for me to welcome the professional alliance between Golden Gate College and IU Applied Science in promoting our mutual interest in education and business. We all now witness the rapid changes in technology and business management during these unprecedented time. The coming years will be more challenging. The development of Communication technologies, education, and logistics will grow faster than we might think. In the light of the current development, It becomes more essential to embrace more efficient approach to science, Business and education.

  • IU and Britts Imperial University College (BIUC), UAE have joined forces to embark on an education partnership that facilitates campus transfers for students in the fields Business & Management, Engineering Management, AI & Data Science, Computer Science, Healthcare, Sport and Events Management. This Partnership will enable students from all around the globe currently studying at BIUC’s Sharjah campus in the UAE to proceed and further their studies in Germany at IU Campuses and earn a globally recognized degree from IU, Germany.

  • Acelot Academy is an Institute dedicated to offer AI Powered Career Solutions from Youth till Retirement. Solutions are custom designed for Individuals and corporates as per their scientifically derived needs and evaluated by experts. Making available high quality, international standard, practical oriented education to students is the key need to help students attain their dreams. The courses from IU in Data Science and IT, Business Management and Engineering & Technology, Marketing for both under grad and post grad students is a strong step in this direction.

  • Guayana Online Academy of Learning

    The Government of Guyana, through the Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL), is committed to investing in the advancement of its human resources; and as Guyana forges ahead in the oil and gas industry, now more than ever, we need to inculcate in our labour force - the critical skillsets to develop the nation. Partnering with IU is a significant step in this investment journey. With the range of technological, engineering and other economy driven programmes offered by IU, many Guyanese and ultimately the nation, will benefit greatly from quality education which will provide our students with the best possible start to their careers.

  • Artsy Africa Academy

    Artsy Africa Academy is joining forces with IU to make affordable education available to everyone. Through the partnership between Artsy Africa Academy and IU, it will be possible for people across Africa, regardless of location and income, to gain an internationally recognized and high-quality degree.

  • Robinson Business School

    Robinson Business School, Yangon (RBS) “Education for Business Leaders” Robinson Business School was founded by a group of successful business leaders, academic professionals and highly motivated educators around Asia Pacific, to provide high standard internationally recognized business qualifications and real life business experience and knowledge to our students in Myanmar. Our primary objective is to groom and mentor the next generation of business managers and leaders in Myanmar equipped with skills to analyze and solve real-world business challenges of today.

  • IDM Council Thailand

    Konnexion360 is a 360 degree learning provider. We offer a vary of study field aligning with newest technology and innovation of learning module. AI technology is integrated to the learning platform. The performance of learing path will be tracked by AI along with the expertise of each field. We also integrate medical procedure to your learning path to enhance the power of your brain function; we will unlock the brain and gain the power. 

  • Abroad Assist Malaysia

    AbroadAssist is an application platform for students around the world to apply for study programs abroad and migration support services such visa application, accommodation arrangement, bank and insurance application and other student related services. Students can apply to over 1000 study programs abroad including language program, preparation course, short courses, semester exchange and degree programs at leading institutions on the portal. Besides simplifying international student's application process, AbroadAssist also assist and provides its students scholarships and financial aids for studying abroad. 

  • Global Education

    Global Education (GETdegree) is a subsidiary of Global Challenge; a community of adventurous, faith filled, creative and professional people who, after travelling the globe, established a growing community in the small surf capital of Africa – Jeffreys bay (South Africa). As an official partner to the IU, Global Education can now extend the development of African leaders to tertiary fields of study. We provide personalised support in the students study journey with ongoing opportunities to develop a leadership profile within an African and Global context. We embrace disruptive technological change with a grounded ethical character!

  • Newton School

    Newton School is an online Computer Science education platform that aims to train aspiring software developers and give them the right push to help them get placed in the top-notch companies with great packages. We are set on enriching diverse minds with the best quality knowledge and skills, irrespective of their social, financial and educational demographics.

  • Education Partnerships UK

    Education Partnerships UK is an innovative company working with British Awarding Organisations, Colleges and Universities to provide qualifications and accreditation for our national and international clients. They offer academic collaborations and joint delivery for courses and programmes. Internationally recognised Accredited Career and Sustainable Excellence Licensed Programmes. These not only increase employability and job performance but make substantial social and environmental impacts.


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