MBA – Artificial Intelligence


Lead the way to the future, and take your place in a field that’s changing the world. As Artificial Intelligence plays an ever-growing role in our everyday lives, experienced professionals with a clear managerial mind-set have the opportunity to shape tomorrow’s businesses.

With an MBA with a specialisation in Artificial Intelligence, you’ll lead teams to the frontlines of technological development, all while keeping track of profitability and economic sustainability.

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Start your MBA – Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence revolution is already here. Companies and managers now make everyday business decisions based on input from machine learning tools and AI-powered reporting platforms, and many business operations are now automated and carried out by AI services.

Along with the clear benefits that this development offers companies, such as saving time and money, there are still many open questions regarding the successful and smooth implementation of these tools alongside a human workforce.

That’s where you, as an MBA – Artificial Intelligence graduate, come into the picture. With the unique combination of managerial expertise, technological understanding and familiarity with business ethics that you’ll gain from this study programme, you’ll be ready to lead teams in various AI-related projects. Now is the perfect time to join this rapidly growing industry, that’s in need of capable new managers.

Your degree summed up

All the facts and figures about your study programme at a glance
Study model
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Language: English
Online studies and on campus
Dual degree: Available
Study duration & extension
18 - 36 months (depending on time model)
Free of charge extension period
Start online studies: any time
Start on campus: up to 4 x per year
Tuition fees
Starting from 419 euro per month
90 ECTS - English
Accredited in line with German and European standards
ZFU 153413c
Reduce your study fees
Reduce fees by getting your previous achievements recognised
The costs of your studies are usually tax-deductible
Study contents

Course overview

In your studies for an MBA specialising in Artificial Intelligence, your initial focus will be on general management and business principles. In the later stages of your studies, you’ll dive into the social and economic questions and dilemmas surrounding AI use in business. This way, you’ll build on the managerial knowledge you’ve developed, and be able to better understand how tried and true methods can be implemented in order to successfully navigate new challenges.

On top of these topics, you’ll also explore cognitive processes from a neuroscientific perspective – an essential component in machine learning and AI – and acquire practical work skills by working with various AI tools in a simulated business setting. Upon graduation, you’ll be able to analyse and asses how AI tools work, and which element to utilise according to different business requirements.

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Your MBA – Artificial Intelligence career outlook

The IU International University of Applied Sciences MBA with a specialisation in Artificial Intelligence is designed to help you succeed in uniquely challenging positions, in an industry that breaks new ground each day. After graduating, you can work as…

AI Team Lead

Oversee the training and development of AI specialist teams, and help them overcome challenges and reach their full potential. As an AI team lead, you’ll need to use all of your technological knowledge and managerial skills to deal with the everyday responsibilities of leading a highly-skilled AI department. Whether it’s hiring, quality assurance or project coordination, your proficiency will be tested, and you’ll be a crucial mediator between various stakeholders involved in a project’s development.

AI Interaction Designer

How can humans and AI-powered tools work together efficiently? This question is one of the biggest challenges facing managers these days, as new technological developments are incorporated into factories and production lines worldwide. As an AI interaction designer, you’ll be responsible for designing a work environment that deals with this challenge successfully.

Machine Learning Expert

Machine learning experts are tasked with building and developing new technologies in the field of data science, most specifically new applications for machine learning. You’ll work on deep learning or natural language processing (NLP) projects, where you will be responsible for planning, developing, implementing, and tracking the performance of complex analysis and learning algorithms. Work alongside product developers and IT experts, to ensure that your technological contributions support business goals and initiatives.

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Tuition fees

Study models & fees for your MBA degree in MBA – Artificial Intelligence

Depending on your personal or professional circumstances, you may wish to complete your studies as quickly as possible, or you may prefer a more flexible study programme that is less time-consuming. That’s why we offer part-time options for all our study programmes. This allows you to study alongside professional or personal commitments. We adjust your study fees based on your chosen time model.

Are you unable to finish your programme within the given time? No problem! If you realise that you need more time, you can simply switch to another time model with one months’ notice before the end of the month.

No registration or administration fees are charged when you apply for studying – you'll only be charged once your studies have started. If you won't be admitted to a programme because you do not meet the admission requirements, no fees will be charged.


Duration 18 Months

Perfect for students who want to hit the ground running and shorten the period of study by increasing their studying pace.

  • Online studies
  • On campus
739€ /mth Apply now

Part-Time I

Duration 24 Months

Excellent for talented all-rounders who want to give their studies everything they’ve got while holding down a job and keeping down their monthly costs at the same time.

  • Online studies
579€ /mth Apply now

Part-Time II

Duration 36 Months

Ideal for students who would like to take their time completing their courses on top of their job and everyday life and keep down the monthly costs of their studies.

  • Online studies
419€ /mth Apply now

Boost your career.

Earn a dual degree.

With the IU and LSBU (London South Bank University) dual degree track, you get a unique opportunity – you can choose if you want to graduate with both a German and a British graduation certificate, without any extra academic requirements. The study programmes at IU and at LSBU are coordinated and therefore equivalent to each other.

All our study programmes include the following benefits

  • Teaching and study material
  • Marking of your end-of-module exams
  • Free 4-week trial
  • Online tutorials and guidance from tutors
  • Use of the online campus
  • Individual study coaching
  • Online exams
  • No charge for extension of course duration
  • Career coaching

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Why IU International University of Applied Sciences is the best choice

Your Studies Are Flexible and 100% Online

Schedule when you want to learn and study 100% online. At IU you have the possibility to complete your degree fully from home, whether full-time or part-time. You can even take your exams online whenever it suits you. 

Accredited & Globally Recognised

IU is accredited and certified with a seal of approval from the German Accreditation Council. All IU study programmes, materials, and services meet high internal and external quality standards, which are regularly reviewed and updated.

You Gain Full Support

We provide you with innovative learning tools, digital study material, tutorial videos, student advice and support, and in the on campus model, the chance to study with other students in small groups. You also have 24/7 access to our large online library. Your tutors are always available to answer your questions. Our study coaches are also available to help at any time. 

The Ideal Mix of Theory & Practice

Our programmes provide you with essential theoretical knowledge and focus, above all, on practice-oriented studies designed to best prepare you for your future career. Thanks to our great variety of electives you can specialise in the specific areas that match your personal goals.